Climate Youth Leadership Program

We believe that children can act as catalysts to improve the quality of the environment they live in and consequently, their lives. The Climate Youth Leadership Program hopes to instil environmental values and sensitize children and eventually other groups in the society to make them environmentally responsible citizens.

The objective of the programme is to create awareness on climate change issues among school children particularly with respect to local issues. We want to encourage students to respond to the problems of climate change and educate their peers to adopt environment-friendly actions. The programme will provide a complete overview of climate change to the students. The program will highlight the science of climate change, the impacts of climate change and the solutions to climate change. At the end of every section there will be a quiz to recap, and ascertain how much the students had assimilated.

Once the children have undergone the online program the students will be shown documentaries and discussions will be held subsequently. To encourage the critical thinking of students’ group activities will be held. We also aim to bring in synergies amongst the schools therefore one-on-one interactions with schools will also be held along with school-to-school awareness and sensitization workshops. It also aims to initiate knowledge exchange among schools. The programme will sensitize students about climate change through activity and practical methods, such as games, competitions, one-on-one interactive workshops. Resource material, including teaching aids will been developed and disseminated among the schools. Students would be encouraged to share the message they would take back to their community at the end of the session.

We are hopeful that this programme will have far reaching consequences in terms of sensitizing the students and in turn the community on various climate change issues. Children will be educated with up-to-date knowledge about climate change, which they will have to disseminate to their community and peers. Thus this sustained continuous teaching-learning process will lead to a change in attitudes, behaviour and actions towards the environment.


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