The Legend Of Amrita DeviThe Legend Of Amrita Devi

Amrita Devi was a simple Bisnoi women from Rajasthan India. She is considered the first Eco Warrior of India as she courageously challenged the king soldiers who had come to collect wood for kings palace. In the struggle which followed she died hugging the tree. The massacre that followed has few parallels in history, but changed the environmental laws for ever in the kingdom.

The Legend Of Amrita Devi The Legend Of Amrita Devi

The Legend Of Gaura DeviThe Legend Of Gaura Devi

Chipko Andolan is known as one of the most famous Himalayan resistance movement for the conservation of the hills. What is little known is the story of the brave women who lit the fire in the hills with her brave and bold decision to confront the armed contractors who had come to cut the forest. Gaura’s tale is a tale of simplicity, courage and deep understanding of the ecological benefits of the hills to humanity.

The Legend Of Amrita Devi The Legend Of Amrita Devi

Tigers Of SundarbansTigers Of Sundarbans

This is a story of a family living in Kolkata, India. They go on an holiday trip to Sunderbans in their school break. The children are desperate to see tigers, but the adventure they have is very different from what they expected. They come back with memories of a life time.

Sunderbans are extremely important and ecologically fragile region. The climate change and pollution are now threatening it like never before, the story integrates this and the plight of people living in the region.

The Legend Of Amrita Devi The Legend Of Amrita Devi

Gauri and RanjanGauri and Ranjan

River Ganges is home to Gangetic Dolphin lovingly called SuSu. A rare animal found only in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It is smaller than its sea cousins and does not like venturing into sea water. Gangetic Dolphin has evolved in fresh water over time and is quite different from the sea animal. A few decades back they could be seen swimming in large Pods in various parts of Ganges River but now you can see only small group of two’s and three’s swimming in certain sections of the river.

The Legend Of Amrita Devi The Legend Of Amrita Devi

A Tale of Disappearing VulturesA Tale of Disappearing Vultures

India had the largest population of vultures in the world in 80’s, but they had been reduced to a few thousand by the end of the century. Their extinction story would have been probably as striking as that of dodo. The decline in the population has been man made, and this has severely affected the environment as they are the primary disposers of dead cattle and other animals. They posses one of the best digestive systems for decaying meat and bacteria and pathogens present are totally neutralised. Government and conservationist are trying hard to revive the population now.

The Legend Of Amrita Devi The Legend Of Amrita Devi


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